Concrete repair in building construction
Protection and renovation of concrete structures

In this area of concrete technology or concrete cosmetics, it is important, among other things, to bridge the largest possible spans with structures that are as slim as possible. These can only fulfill their tasks if their concrete structure is homogeneous and free of defects, the reinforcing steel is sufficiently covered with concrete and this has sufficient alkalinity. A topic that will play an increasingly important role in the coming years. The greater the number of old buildings, the greater the need for renovation.

IPA Bauchemie Produkte GmbH offers a comprehensive range of products for the protection or renovation of concrete structures.

Tested Products | tried and tested range | Experience since 1956 | Development in our own building materials laboratory

Mineral corrosion protection for reinforcing steels
Consumption: approx. 0.06 kg / m steel (ø 12mm)
Container: 4.35 kg-combination container (including mixing liquid)

Technical data sheet Top-MKH

2-component accelerated setting PCC repair mortar
Consumption: 2.20 kg / m² and mm thickness
Packaging: 25 kg bag or 30 kg canister

Technical data sheet Top-Rb

1-component accelerated PCC repair mortar
Consumption: 2.20 kg / m² and mm thickness
Container: 25 kg bag

Technical data sheet Top-Rb.1K

Fine putties for pore and bubble closure
Consumption: Scratch Filling 3 kg / m² resp.
Area filling 8 kg / m²
Container: 25 kg bag

Techical data sheet Top-SM-Betonspachtel

Plastic-modified flexible cement sludges
Slurries in the slurry process using a tassel, applied by spraying or troweling several times as surface coating and carbonation protection. Emerging cracks up to 0.7 mm are bridged. Available in gray and white.
Consumption: 2.50 kg / m²
Container: 21 kg bag + 9 kg canister

Technical data sheet Elastikschlämme

Flexible, crack-bridging pure acrylic dispersion color
Apply the paint twice in a roll, spread or spray process, it is available in any standard RAL color (except for light colors)
Consumption: 300 ml / m² per operation
Container: 20 kg bucket

Technical data sheet plast

With the products from the company IPA we were able to save costs in the short term, the products are easy to work with and deliver very good results.

A company where performance and service are simply good.

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