IPA POLYschicht ®
A WHG containment system for higher environmental awareness.

IPA Polyschicht® is a resin-modified silicate coating with the highest chemical resistance and DIBT approval. IPA Polyschicht® is permanently resistant to pH values from 0 to +14. Any preliminary tapping (primer) is not required when renovating different structures.

BPA free. Solvent-free. Styrene free

Open to vapor diffusion and heat-resistant. Electrically conductive. Adheres to steel, concrete and mineral substrates. Sprayable or brushable.

Technical data sheet IPA Polyschicht

IPA Polyschicht prospectus

Easy to use
The easy handling of the 2-component material ensures an uncomplicated and simple renovation that can be carried out with little personnel effort.

Lower costs
Short construction site phases and fewer personnel result in lower costs compared to similar products.

Only 2mm layer thickness
The IPA Polyschicht® only requires a layer thickness of 2 mm. Material requirements are accurately calculated to ensure accurate costing.

Powerful without primer
The IPA Polyschicht® can also be applied to a damp substrate and does not require a primer.

against biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion, heating oils, fuels, oils, greases, cleaning agents

  • Substrate only “optically dry”, no discussions about the residual moisture content
  • Commissioning is possible again after just a few hours
  • does not need to be ventilated during hardening
  • does not contain BPA (bisphenol A)
  • contains no volatile components

areas of application


Separator systems – dome shafts – digestion towers – LAU systems – tank tubs – car washes – steel tanks – concrete tanks and much more.

The IPA Polyschicht® in action


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For us, the advantages of the IPA Polyschicht are obvious: easy and simple processing and resistance to chemical and biogenic attacks.

The product has been very well received by our clients, especially by waste water associations.

F. Klimmer KSD GmbH