IPANEX®is a concrete admixture, providing the concrete you need to build for the future – no matter how aggressive the environment is!

IPANEX®  is a chloride-free water-based inorganic complex alkaline earth silicate that reacts chemically with portland cement to densify the matrix of portland cement concrete. This leads to a considerable lowering of the permeability of concrete, and the penetration of chloride ions into concrete is greatly reduced. This, in turn, reduces the chloride-induced corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete structures.

Greater durability.
Significantly increased waterproofing.

Ipanex improves the concrete in your structure by:

  • increasing durability,
  • extending service life,
  • reducing permeability,
  • protection against reinforcement corrosion.

Visit the website for more information: www.ipanex.de

IPANEX® can be used in conjuction with other commercial admixtures, such as air entrainment, superplasticizers, accelerators, retarders or pozzolans. IPANEX® is a liquid that can be added at the batch plant, pre-caster’s facility or, if circumstances require, at the job site. Bulk delivery and metering available.

IPANEX® is unique from other admixtures. Composed of C-S-H, it has the same chemical and mineralogical sturcture that gives portland cement its properties. The seeds that make up IPANEX® – which control the nucleation and growth of the microstructure in concrete – are measured in the tens of nanometers. This “nano-control” of concrete’s microstructure has never before been attained. IPANEX® is setting a new industry standard for high-performance concrete.