IPA systems for sewage structures

Sewage structures such as structures for collecting, discharging and discharging sewage
Wastewater treatment are subject to special loads. Biogenic sulfuric acid, fertilizers and de-icing agents, but also untreated industrial waste water and acids, car washes or chlorinated hydrocarbons are among the most common contaminants. The protection of groundwater and the soil therefore places great demands on the operational safety and tightness of canals and shafts.

The IPA sewer and manhole renovation system is structured as follows:

  • Stop water infiltration
  • Reprofiling of the building fabric
  • Protection of the building fabric

The effects of the products are intertwined and ensure an optimal result.


2 comp. plastic-modified mineral spray mortar; by adding setting accelerators to seal water ingress in the spraying process while at the same time protecting the building surface against aggressive media (up to pH 3.5)

Swellable plugging mortar for quickly sealing water ingress, is also suitable e.g. B. for inserting saddle pieces, sealing of pipelines.

Technical data sheet IPANEX STOPFMÖRTEL

Powder for sealing damp spots, rub powder into areas with heavy moisture penetration by hand.

Technical data sheet IPANEX FLÄCHENDICHT WF

Additive for the production of plug mortars for sealing water ingress and leaks

Low-viscosity, modified 2-component acrylic resin gel with excellent water-binding properties, for sealing water-bearing cracks, gaps and structural joints.

Technical data sheet IPACRYL GEL KONZENTRAT

PU injection foam especially for sealing water-bearing cracks in structural and civil engineering, eg water ingress, in civil engineering, for displacing water in water-bearing cracks and cavities.

Technical data sheet IPA PUR VM 1 K


Fast-curing repair and sealing mortar for setting and grouting manhole rings and brickwork

Non-shrink repair mortar for the sewer, which can be loaded early, for repairing broken areas, closing joints, setting stoneware shells, etc.

Technical data sheet IPA UNIMÖRTEL RAPID

Powder concentrate for the production of accelerated setting mortar


Mineral sealing slurry, water pressure tight, with high chemical (up to ph 3.5) and mechanical resistance

Silicate-bound 2-component mortar with very high chemical and mechanical resilience, resistant to sulfuric acid (up to ph 1).

2-component, mineral product for coating and lining containers and lines with increased chemical resistance (up to ph 1)

Plastic-modified, cement-bound mortar for coating sewage structures with high chemical resistance (up to ph 3.5)

Plastic-modified, cement-bound mortar for coating sewage structures (temporarily stable up to ph 4)

Polymer silicate coating, stable from ph=0 to ph=14 for manholes, separators and tank pans, can be sprayed or brushed in one application with a layer thickness of 2 mm, also adheres to steel


For background consolidation, backfill and soil injection

For the force-fitting and sealing bonding of concrete, masonry and natural stone, adheres excellently to dry, damp and wet substrates, also hardens under water without any adverse effects

Solvent-free, low-viscosity, 2-component epoxy resin, can also be used for damp substrates, inliner resin

Early loadable, cement-bound, mineral grout, especially for subsequent grouting of the gaps in the socket and house connection area (robot grouting)

Early loadable, cement-bound, mineral grouting mortar

Cement-bound mineral grout for subsequent backfilling of cavities between new and old pipes (annular space filling) in the relining process